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Zinsser tackles mould and peeling paint on a bathroom ceiling

Flaking walls, ceilings and woodwork is a common problem when renovating a bathroom or kitchen. High levels of moisture, humidity and poor ventilation can cause paint to quickly deteriorate and become prone to bubbling, peeling and mould growth. Applying paint over water and soap scum can also cause problems with paint adhesion too. This is why proper preparation before applying any paint product in these areas is essential.

In this case study, professional decorator Darren Burns of DB Decorators uses Zinsser to deal with peeling, flaking and mould on a bathroom ceiling in a residential property.

“My go to product range for a bathroom ceiling would be Zinsser,” says Darren, “the products are high-quality, long-lasting and they have a product to solve any decorating problem, like this one.” Alongside the peeling and flaking, the bathroom ceiling also showed visible signs of mould that needed to be removed prior to painting.

The first step when dealing with mould is to thoroughly clean the area using Zinsser Universal Degreaser and Cleaner. After rinsing thoroughly and allowing to dry, apply the Mould Killer & Remover directly to the surface and leave to dry. The Mould Killer & Remover is ideal for preparing mould-stained areas prior to painting in order to give a better, longer-lasting paint finish.

Next, remove loose or flaking paint by thoroughly sanding the area. Once the surface is sound, make sure to remove any leftover dust or contamination before applying Zinsser Peel Stop. “The clear, bridging sealer tightly bonds old paint and problem areas,” states Darren, “forming a sound surface for new paint.” Peel Stop forms a tough acrylic film that stays flexible and helps prevent peeling by allowing moisture to escape.

Once Peel Stop has been applied and allowed to dry, keep mould stains at bay with water-based primer, sealer, odour blocker and stain-killer B-I-N® AQUA. Recoat in just 45 minutes.

Finally, apply a topcoat of PermaWhite® Mould Resistant Paint. “PermaWhite® is the perfect choice for high humidity areas like bathrooms as it’s mould-resistant and contains a biocide to protect the paint film from fungal degradation,” says Darren. The specialist formula is scrubbable, moisture-resistant and designed to resist cracking, peeling and blistering for up to 7 years before first maintenance.

With the best products for mould removal and peeling walls and ceilings, check out our tried and trusted Zinsser range for mould-resistant paints and clear binding primers.

The Zinsser specification service is offered free of charge, with members of the experienced Zinsser team available to work with professionals across the industry at every stage of their projects, from initial survey through to specification and application of coatings, providing on-site advice, training and technical assistance.

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