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Void Properties

There are many factors that influence the turnaround of housing association and local authority properties that have been left empty and often in poor condition following the departure of existing tenants. One of the most widely recognised obstacles to improving letting performance is the poor condition of the properties when the tenancies end. This presents a huge challenge to combine speed with quality to ensure that the properties are fit for habitation and to minimise the voids rate as quickly as possible.


Zinsser’s B-I-N® primer sealer is widely used in void property refurbishment as it provides exceptional cover over graffiti, common household stains e.g. nicotine and fire damage. B-I-N® fulfils multiple roles of primer, sealer and stain killer and can be applied to virtually any internal surface. It is white in appearance, extremely fast drying and can be recoated in just 45 minutes.


Good priming is generally recognised as the key to achieving excellent paint results. Run of the mill primers soak into porous surfaces resulting in a weak and uneven appearance that even multiple layers of paints are unable to conceal. Shellac-based B-I-N® is designed to fill open pores in surfaces. This not only provides a smooth, uniform base, requiring only one finish coat, it also makes priming directly over flaked, cracked and uneven previous paint films a possibility.


B-I-N®’s stain-blocking properties are the result of high performance resins that eliminate the risk of bleed through of stains into the finish product. This is particularly relevant in areas of high graffiti; a common problem in social housing.


The Zinsser primer extends topcoat durability by sealing surfaces so effectively that more resins remain on the surface. Thus topcoats are more durable, wear longer and are easier to clean. Zinsser products meet the stringent criteria laid down by Best Value, ensuring local authorities and housing associations can establish high standards within their housing portfolios.

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