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Europe’s largest aero engine company, Rolls-Royce has a facility based on Pallion Industrial Estate in Sunderland. The plant is the only Rolls-Royce operation that currently manufactures the discs that are part of a turbofan engine.


These are widely considered one of the most critical components of the engine. The Sunderland operation also manufactures vital components for the flagship Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft. Rolls-Royce is currently undertaking a 3 year refurbishment programme at the Sunderland site to renew infrastructure and equipment.


The facility houses leading edge aero engine and turbofan manufacturing equipment. Over the years the machinery had produced a large amount of dirt and grime that had built-up on the brick and blockwork, steelwork and Asbestolux ceiling, causing a yellow and brown discolouration.


Williams Contractors Ltd, a specialist refurbishment company, were contracted to undertake the refurbishment project. The contractors evaluated a range of paint solutions with specialist decorators merchant Rabart.


Zinsser AllCoat (Solvent Based), manufactured by Tor Coatings, was identified as an ideal solution to combat the problems. AllCoat was perfect for this situation as it is a multi-surface primer, sealer, stain-blocker and finish all in one.


Zinsser AllCoat is easy to apply by brush or spray over dirt and grime and adheres to most surfaces without the need for sanding. The product is made using Plioway® resin, which helps promotes adhesion on surfaces such as masonry, wood, concrete, plasterboard, Plasticol™ and galvanized metal.


AllCoat is also ideal for new plaster and other surfaces with up to 12.5 pH. The high ceiling was approximately 12,000m2 and contained Asbestolux, an insulation board that contains Asbestos. Williams Contractors Ltd could only apply the product daily between 4pm and 4am due to shift patterns.


Zinsser AllCoat was sprayed directly over the ceiling locking in the dirt and grime and sealing the Asbestolux tiles – without the need for an additional primer or previous treatment.


Zinsser AllCoat (Solvent Based) delivers a bright white, cleanable finish and the ceiling, surrounding metal and brickwork now look as good as new. The very low odour properties of the paint meant the facility could begin work immediately the next morning.”The quality finish from just one product was outstanding as other specifications involved primer coats which would have added significant time onto the job. I will definitely be using other Zinsser products on projects in the future” said Simon Williams from William Contractors Ltd.


Rob Green, Finance Director at Rolls-Royce, Sunderland was delighted with the final outcome and added “The finish is excellent, it was just what we were looking for, its changed the look of the building and doesn’t contain the strong paint solvent smell which is found in many other solvent products”.

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