Specification Service

The Zinsser range of products includes professional coatings for interior and exterior use. Our field-based Specification team is on hand to ensure you get the right paint for your project.

Our specification service is offered free of charge and our experienced team will work with you at every stage of your project, from initial survey through to specification and application of coatings, providing on-site advice, training and technical assistance.

We’re UK based and work with professional specifiers, architects, maintenance managers, FM companies, property owners and professional on-site spray contractors to solve a wide variety of painting problems.

Why specification?

There are numerous benefits to using our professional specification service. For a start, it costs you nothing. Also, having a paint professionally specified by the manufacturer should give you peace of mind it’s the right one for your job.

We know the performance characteristics of our products inside and out and have decades of experience solving painting problems – from water-stained ceilings through to fire damaged walls. Zinsser products are tried and tested many times over.

We won’t leave anything to chance. We will physically inspect the surface you need to paint and specify a product (or products) we know, from experience, will do the job. We’ll strive to reduce your costs too by advising on coverage and ensuring you are not paying for performance features you don’t need.

We’ll recommend how the product should be applied, whether it’s by brush, roller or airless spray. We can also put you in contact with professional contractors experienced in the use of Zinsser products.

We’ll provide contractor training and on-site support where required.

What we can do for you

Our Specification team gets involved in a wide and varied range of interior and exterior painting projects. They work across many sectors including retail, leisure, industrial, FM and food and beverage. Specialist areas include the refurbishment of interior and exterior walls, floors and ceilings, mould and mildew solutions and the fire protection of structural steelwork. Below are a few examples of projects the team has helped with.

Rolls Royce, Sunderland

Rolls-Royce had an issue with an unsightly, grimy Asbestolux ceiling over a main production area. A decision was taken to upgrade its appearance as part of a major refurbishment programme. Replacing the ceiling was out of the question, as this would be highly risky and halt production. The ceiling was to be painted. But how could this be done effectively without affecting the operation of the shopfloor beneath? The answer was solvent-based Zinsser AllCoat, our virtually odourless primer and finish in one. AllCoat sticks to all surfaces and is ideal for spray application. The coating was professionally sprayed to the ceiling, pipework and roof structure, converting every surface to a clean, flat, brilliant white. All work was completed overnight to keep disruption to the plant to an absolute minimum.

Sainsbury’s (Various UK sites)

Maintaining bright, clean, store interiors is of paramount importance to Sainsbury’s and the colour and condition of the ceiling can have a big impact. The Zinsser specification team has developed an on-site spray painting solution that works for any supermarket and instantly revitalises the appearance of a ceiling in a rapid, cost-effective and convenient manner. It is a system that has also been adopted by other supermarket chains including Tesco and ASDA. It uses Zinsser AllCoat primer and finish to paint the underside of the ceiling. The product can be applied overnight and to any substrate including metal and suspended ceiling tile. Its non-yellowing finish makes it ideal for interior commercial application and it dries to a dead flat white finish. For more information on ceiling refurbishment download our brochure here.

Thornbridge Hall, Derbyshire

Zinsser’s Perma-White Mould and Mildew-Proof Paint was specified for the ceiling of this swimming pool because it is specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions of moisture-prone areas. Its unique, water-based formulation prevents mould and mildew growth on the paint film, even under the harshest conditions for a guaranteed for five years. Perma-White is ideal for any environment where mould and mildew is a concern. It is regularly used to great effect on walls and ceilings in hotels and other types of sleeping accommodation. It comes in white as standard but can be tinted with no compromise on performance. For more information download our brochure here.

How can we help?

If you have a professional painting project you’d like us to help you with, simply fill in the contact form and one of our Specification Managers will get in touch to discuss your requirements. Alternatively please telephone 0191 410 6611. We look forward to being of assistance.