Meet the Zinssers

Posted on October 27, 2016

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Frank and Fabian Zinsser are running things now. The twins are part of our new ‘What’s your problem?’ marketing campaign which officially launches on the 31st October. They sum up everything our products are about and are here to make painting and decorating problems disappear. Permanently.

The brothers are tough, straight-talking and thankfully, on our side. They’re the decorating muscle we all need to wage war against water stains, grease marks, graffiti, hideous wallpaper, dodgy colour schemes and smoke damage.


Frank (also known as ‘Franky’, ‘Mr. Prep’ and ‘The Fixer’) is all about the planning and prep. He’s well organised, very resourceful and totally unfazed by hairline cracks and stains. He’s wanted in connection with a string of decorating incidents up and down the country, including Killing Stains and Odours, Carrying a Loaded Brush in a Public Place, Resisting Mould and Mildew, Supplying Class A Paint Products and Brush Trafficking.




Fabian has a flair for finishing touches. He’s obsessed with detail and has a tendency to snap when confronted with off-trend colour schemes. He’s currently at large and wanted for all manner of DIY exploits such as Endangering Drab Colour Schemes, Impersonating an Interior Designer, Concealing Off-Trend Patterns, Possession of an Angled Cutting-In Brush and Dust Sheet Laundering.


In a nutshell, Frank is very frank and Fabian is very fab. Our series of video and talkSPORT radio ads give you the bigger picture.

Ghastly Tiles

Horse & Hounds



You can listen to our radio ads below. They showcase more Zinsser products including Wallpaper Cover-up and All Coat Exterior:

If you’ve got a painting problem, we suggest you take it up with the Zinssers. If you want to keep tabs on the twins, follow them on Twitter (@ZinsserUK) and YouTube (Zinsser UK)